Setting up new credit card account into Rpower


  • Need from tsys summit var sheet with authentication code from TRX
  • Create License for Rpower
  • Fill out CC boarding form and send ticket to Rpower
  • Create Datacap deployment and get ID


Every station that is has a pinpad needs to have the following installed:

  • Drivers for pinpad
  • Datacap DsiEMVUS (newest version)

  • Datacap DSIClient
  • Secure Device ID declaration in WORKSTATION.ini
  • (ex. EMVSecureDevice=EMV_P200_DATACAP_E2E)



Main station needs to have NETePay Director

   Intput Deployment ID from Datacap 

Cred File has to be updated to match the station that has NETePay Director

Restart Rpower and background Rpower on all stations and test

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